Here at Seminole Assembly you are currently supporting monthly 18 foreign missionaries/ local missions.
Your weekly giving changes lives all around the world! Thank you for making an impacting in this world for eternity.

Foreign Missionaries/ Local Missions

undisclosed for safety - India
Sam Bowdoin - Philippines
John Carrano III- Spain
Mike Escoe- Equador
David Hughart - Pilippines
Rebecca Johns- Thailand
Keith Jones - Spain
undisclosed for safety- So Asia
Peter Kozic - Czech Republic
Gregory Lewen - Canary Islands
Dan Lumadue - Japan
undisclosed for safety - India
undisclosed for safety - Liaoning
undisclosed for safety - India
John Sisk - Netherlands
Theodore Stackpole - CompaCare/ Compact
Jeffrey Staudte - Oral Learners Initiative International
BGMC - Coins for Kids

Nearly 2,700 AG missionaries serving around the world

Meal Ministry
Here at Seminole Assembly, we are a church family. When there is a baby's birth, surgery or hospitalization, or other unexpected life moments, we have a team that delivers meals. We provide and deliver a dinner meal to the home of the person in need. This meal can be homemade or store-bought. We attempt to accommodate allergies and food preferences if made aware. We try to schedule the meal delivery that works for both the recipient and the volunteer providing the meal.
The Meals Ministry leader is made aware of a need through a direct request or a referral by someone within the church. If someone is referring another person, they must check with the leader to see if we can meet the need. Once the meal need is confirmed, the leader contacts the volunteers to see who is available to supply a meal. The Meal Ministry leader will schedule meals for one to two weeks (we deliver a dinner each night or every other per discussion with the recipient). The Meal Ministry needs are evaluated per case as some households have families in transit and only need us to fill in the gap until family arrives.
Meal Ministry volunteers are always welcome!! Please email [email protected]. You will be contacted by Diane Woody our Meal Ministry Leader.